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About us

Vision and Mission


To be a leading institution in providing technical, entrepreneurial and vocational education and training through modern technology and training in Malawi .


To continuously provide relevant and quality-driven technical, entrepreneurial, and vocation education and training for social-economic and technological development in Malawi.


  1. Encourage innovation, creativity and balanced risk taking;
  2. Strive to be ethical, through being honest and accountable in discharging work;
  3. Strive to sustain quality culture in the delivery of its services;
  4. Support aspirations and ambitions leading to development ofthe college;
  5. Deliver high quality services to meet the customer expectations;
  6. Provide good governance;
  7. Strive to achieve an inclusive learning environment;
  8. Promote teamwork
  9. Recognize high performing individuals;
  10. Strive to produce students that will be responsive to the needs of the society